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Efficient microfluidic sensing

By using advanced microfludics, our DropletSens™ platform uniquely offers lab-quality data in an affordable, easy-to-use format.

Lab-quality data

Achieved through reagent kits that have been used in analytical labs for many years. Complimented by on-device standards for regular quality control checks.

High frequency

Measurements up to every 10 seconds, enabled by segmented nanodroplet microfluidics approach.

Low cost

More affordable than comparable reagent based sensors due to efficient pumping approach with ultra-low reagent consumption.

Low maintenance

Typical 3-months service interval with remote SCADA compatible data streaming.

Nanodroplet microfludic approach for DropletSens™ platform - compact liquid reagent based sensors.

Nanodroplet platform

All DropletSens™ products use a proprietary microfluidic liquid reagent based approach to measure analytes in water.

In our nanodroplet microfluidic sensors, sample is autonomously drawn into the device through an inlet filter, injected into a stream of oil and mixed with one or more reagents. The oil leads to the formation of segmented aqueous nanodroplets in which the water sample and reagents mix very efficiently, resulting in colour formation, which is detected and quantified. Via stored calibration curves, an analyte concentration can then be determined.

Bringing the lab to the water

The nanodroplet microfluidics approach allows us to build compact sensors that after initial set-up draw in and analyse water samples autonomously for continuous operator-free monitoring, providing a convenient means of bringing the lab to the water, to help manage this precious resource where it matters.

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