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Advanced microfluidic sensing

Bringing the lab to the water

Join us to bring the lab to the water to digitise and protect this precious resource.

Lab-quality data
Accuracy & precision >90%
Low cost
More affordable than existing wet chemical analysers.
High frequency
Quasi-continuous data up to every 10 seconds.
Low maintenance
Ultra-efficient reagent use and remote streaming​/​SCADA.
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Best-in-class water monitoring data

High-frequency, real-time, lab-quality data that is autonomously generated and can be trusted.

Data formats that suit the customer

Platform-agnostic remote data output enabling integration with customers' dashboard systems.

Products for surface water monitoring to detect adverse changes early to guide remedial action; effluent monitoring to prevent spillage; process control to reduce emission and save cost; and many more applications; all aimed at protecting the precious water resource.
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Advanced nanodroplet-based sensing platform

Cutting-edge microfluidics for highly efficient autonomous sensing with lab accuracy

We use advanced proprietary microfluidics to draw sample into the sensor device and mix it with on-board reagents and oil for highly specific and accurate determination of analyte levels. The oil segments the aqueous flow into a train of nanodroplets (volume 0.0000001 L), resulting in distinct measurement points and ultra-low reagent consumption.

SWS Technology


Our probe product range is designed to be used inside the water source to be monitored ('in-situ') and is fully waterproof.

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Online Analyser

Our online analyser product range is designed for use cases where water is pumped to the sensor device, which is typically installed in outbuildings, measurement kiosks or inside water treatment plants.

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