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SouthWestSensor Ltd launching new ammonia monitoring probes

Date:                    2 November 2023

Location:            Southampton, UK

SouthWestSensor Ltd. ('SWS'), a UK provider of advanced water quality monitoring solutions aimed at improving efficiencies across the whole water cycle to promote sustainability and protect the environment, has launched a new turn-key solution for ammonia monitoring.

'Ammonia is typically monitored inside wastewater treatment plants for optimised process control but can also do damage once released into watercourses. This is recognised by incoming UK Environment Act 2021, Section 82 legislation, which calls for ammonia monitoring up and down-stream of all Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). While at present ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) are widely used, industry feed-back indicated that this might not be a perfect solution for this application, due to limitations in accuracy/precision and the need for regular calibration to avoid data drift. In response, we have now developed and launched a colorimetric approach to ammonia monitoring, that is based on an established reagent based assay and delivers non-drift, lab-quality data.

Having already tested this succesfully on effluent monitoring at a local WWTP, we have now started a trial with one of the most innovative UK water utility companies.'  Dr Oliver Hofmann, SWS CEO.

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