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Memorandum of Understanding Signed with WATR Ltd.

SouthWestSensor Ltd (‘SWS’), a UK based provider of advanced water quality monitoring solutions aimed at improving efficiencies across the whole water cycle to promote sustainability and protect the environment, has signed a non-exclusive two-way distribution agreement for the UK with WATR Ltd. (‘WATR’), a key provider of deployment platforms and telemetry devices for water quality sensors.

Following many rounds of in-depth discussions, increasing alignment and recent sensor integration testing, we are excited to take this next step with our new partner WATR. For us it is key to provide turn-key solutions to our customers, which requires different formats for deploying our advanced sensor probes. We see large potential for floatable platform and hybrid bankside solutions to provide power and connectivity, both of which are offered by WATR. With WATR’s experience and network particularly in the UK surface water monitoring space, we are confident to become key players in this thriving sector.’ Dr Oliver Hofmann, SWS CEO.

'WATR is delighted to announce its partnership with SouthWestSensor after successfully completing a technical integration phase. This collaboration will enhance WATR's portfolio of cutting-edge sensor technologies and market-available parameters. The SouthWestSensor team's remarkable expertise and the promising future product roadmap are sources of great excitement for us', stated Glyn Cotton, WATR CEO. 

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