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Distribution Agreement for Spain and Australia signed with ADASA Sistemas

Date: 31 May 2023

Location: Southampton, UK and Barcelona, Spain

SouthWestSensor Ltd ('SWS'), a UK based provider of advanced water quality monitoring solutions aimed at improving efficiencies across the whole water cycle to promote sustainability and protect the environment, has signed a distribution agreement for Spain and Australia with ADASA Sistemas ('ADASA').

'Following succesful deployments and recent co-exhibition at SMAGUA 2023, we are excited to take this next step with our trusted partner ADASA. We are particularily excited about opportunities in Spain, which is at the forefront of the drive towards digitial water and has siginficant government funding in place for key priorities such as  improved River Basin Management and Nutrient Reuse for Irrigation. With ADASA's experience and network in this space, we are confident that Spain can become a key commercial driver for us.' Dr Oliver Hofmann, SWS CEO. 

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